About Us

The Four Twin Sisters

How It Started

In 2003 Auntie Annette (or Auntie Net for short), the first of the Four Twin Sisters, started a sewing pattern site and blog. Her sisters contributed patterns, then her children, and nephews and nieces; now, many years later, it is still being enjoyed by quilters everywhere.

How It Continues

Thank you for enjoying our patterns! They are free, so use as many as you'd like - donations or barter are not required. However, we would love to keep the site running and always appreciate your support!

Fusible Web and Appliqué Instructions:

Instructions: Add seam allowances for regular appliqué, no allowances for fusible appliqué. Cut out pieces; loosely assemble pieces before fusing appliqué. Embroider smaller details. Materials: 100% cotton recommended.